BMS Services – Exceeding The Norm

BMS offers a whole range of services, because we understand that without our help and expertise in managing your POS system it simply would not be as effective.
With BMS we really do consider your bottom line, and fully intend on providing you the best possible system and services.
This is what separates BMS from the pack, our committed desire to provide you the industry’s best service leading to a higher ROI for your business.

BMS simply the only name to turn to for fully integrated POS services.

Full Service

BMS fully integrated fully involved

BMS provides a single source for everything you need with your computer. BMS helps you avoid the nightmare of having to contact several different companies to get the job done. BMS provides the hardware and necessary equipment, software, training, installation, support, equipment warranty, catalog loads, distributor interface, custom programming and even physically counting your stock and on-going supplies and forms. One company to manage the process, the same company to keep it working.

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BMS System Implementation

BMS is a full-service computer company providing premium computer systems and software. We also provide all the services required to make the implementation as smooth as possible.

Three phases are used to implement the system: Initial Planning and training, system installation, on-site training and Go-live.

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Custom Programming

Custom Programming

BMS offers fully customizable modifications to: reports, exporting or importing of data, and modifications to existing screens or procedures. If you feel the need for BMS to customize a section of your system please call for a price.

Catalog Loads

With Wave by BMS you can forget about having to load every inventory item into your system, which is an extremely tedious and frustrating task. BMS offers catalog loads in order to avoid this (1 catalog load comes free of charge with every new system).

Some vendors provide between 45,000 and 70,000 items in their catalog. Understandably you won’t have every item stocked on your shelf; however it could be in your system. If that special customer comes along requesting a unique item or PO your system will still be able to order and manage it.

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Physical Inventory

BMS can manage your physical inventory

BMS can provide several hand held computers for electronically counting the stock in a store. In addition, a BMS employee will be present to help manage the count process.

The BMS employee will be available for 8 hours per day. Any size store can be counted in this time provided enough people are present to conduct the count. At a minimum, there must be 12 people, one for each hand held and some assistants. For larger stores, more hand-held units can be provided.

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Distributor Relationships

At BMS we strive to offer you the best possible solution to your business’s inventory management, Point of Sale, and Ordering needs, which is why we offer a full line of distributor communications. Placing purchase orders and updating pricing has never been easier. So go ahead and click on your distributor to see the communication packages we offer.

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Training Included With ALL BMS Systems

Initial training is provided for the system set-up overview and setting the business logic into the configuration settings. This training is done over the internet, or in-person if the customer chooses that option and cost. BMS has several videos available that walk the user through the various functions of Wave by BMS.

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We Love the Wave Program!

“We love the way that Wave tracks our inventory. We can easily download vendor invoices and price updates. We now have full control over our inventory and that is something I never thought would be possible!”

- Rick Woody

Best Software Support Ever!

“We really love the ability to search for past invoices, at point of sale, and find the exact information we are looking for!”

"The best thing about the Wave program and BMS as a company is that if we ever need to call, there is always someone there to answer the phone."

Jeannie - Edelmans Home Center



Easy and Fast

"To me, one of the best things about the BMS system is the tech support! While I do not call tech support often when I do the response is immediate! Someone always answers the phone and resolves what little issues we have. The Wave system is PACKED with features to make my work life easier!"

Pepper - Windmill Sprinkler