Training and the Packages

Base System Training

Someone inside your company with a basic understanding of computers or a local acquaintance can often install the equipment. Alternatively, BMS can schedule personnel to travel to your store and set up the equipment for you, which can be included in your purchase price excluding travel expenses. Your customer advisor and you will select a date for the installation service technician and training advisor to arrive.

Upon arrival, the technician will un-box the equipment and place it where you desire for BMS training, if necessary. You and your customer advisor will determine the desired locations for the system equipment to be installed. The technician will configure all terminals, workstations, printers, and miscellaneous hardware peripherals according to your system preferences.

Next, the BMS technician will personalize them according to staff tasks. During this process, data conversion will be available to obtain static data from your current system and convert it to the proper usable BMS format, including customer information, basic vendor information, inventory item information, and departments. Additionally, you can order and enter any catalog loads for vendors you request. Any remaining time from the installation schedule can be used to help you train.

Off-site and On-site Training

Initial training is provided for the system set-up overview and setting of the business logic into the configuration settings. This training is done over the Internet or in-person if the customer chooses that option and cost. BMS has several videos available that walk the user through the various functions of Wave by BMS.

Classroom training is available especially when the chaotic work environment would make learning impossible in the store. Often a study room at the local library can be used at no charge or at a place the store personnel chooses. Classroom training is always preferable but not always practical.

The process can be conducted in the store prior to going live by taking turns overviewing what each person will be doing, using the data that has been loaded or converted from an existing system. Finally, the training data is cleared, the balances are loaded, the store goes live on Wave by BMS, and the real lessons begin. A BMS employee will be on-site and shoulder-to-shoulder with the store personnel until they are comfortable on their own.

Then the BMS trainer can move to other stations and provide information on back-office functions. Please schedule enough time for the trainer to cover every aspect of each employee’s role in the system operation. When our trainer leaves, everyone should have a fundamental knowledge of their role so that supplemental training can fine-tune that knowledge.

Additional On-site training days can be purchased.

Supplemental telephone training is available for an added fee.