BMS- Systems and Services to Manage your Business

Business Management Systems is a full service computer system supplier to the Hardware, Lumber and Building Supply industry.
The BMS Product Line offers everything from initial consultation to equipment sales, installation, cutting edge integrated software, training and on going telephone support. BMS is a full service, single source supplier.

BMS has been installing systems across the country since March 1984. BMS is a leader in the industry having installed over one thousand systems. BMS offers everything from initial consultation to equipment sales, installation, cutting edge integrated software, training and ongoing telephone support.

BMS is a full service, single source supplier. BMS can work with your material suppliers to include your item information when BMS installs the computer in your store. BMS can also convert most data from your existing computer systems, and can even use most of your existing equipment.

BMS is the most cost effective, full service supplier in the industry. Often customers switching from other computer systems can replace older systems for a total monthly cost less than just their old support payments alone.

All this with the benefit of being extremely easy to use.

Full featured, full service, easy to use, inexpensive… all the answers- BMS.

Wave by BMS

Our Complete Business System

Our Wave program offers a complete customizable business package.

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Wave by BMS integrates with Pointy from Google

Pointy helps you to easily display your in-store products on Google so that shoppers can see what you sell and come in-store to buy from you.

More and more people are looking for product information online before going into a store but many local retailers don’t have this information online. This means that shoppers aren’t seeing relevant results when they do local searches for products – and local retailers are missing out on sales.

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Your One-Stop System for E-Commerce

Brick and Mortar businesses are under stress from internet-only companies because their customers find it easier to order using their smart phones, tablets or personal computer than driving to a store, rummaging through shelves and standing in line to purchase materials. Why not let your customers place their own orders this way for your store? With Wave by BMS you can!

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Multiple Store Configuration

BMS specializes in multi-store configurations whether a single satellite store or multiple ones, BMS can handle your needs. With Wave by BMS and our multi-store add on, your stores all share customer data. Each store has all invoices for each customer, providing an up to the minute credit check throughout the corporation. Statements can be a single run with each store’s invoices identified but accumulated together on a consolidated statement.

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Accounting Software

Take Control of Your Accounts to Free Up Valuable Cash for Your Business

Your receivables are one of your most valuable assets. Wave by BMS gives you the tools to generate accurate information about your charge customers and take control of valuable dollars tied up in accounts receivable.

With just a few keystrokes, you can view a complete accounting ledger for any customer. Each customer file tracks charges, payments, and keeps a running 30, 60, and 90 day history. This provides you with the information you need to follow up on delinquent accounts- and unlock your accounts receivable dollars.

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Gift Cards

Give The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Statistics show that only 47% of gift cards are ever redeemed. What items do you sell that give you 47% margin? Gift Card processing is available through Wave by BMS using Givex gift cards. The module is simple and easy to use with everything you will need available right on your POS screen.

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Disaster Recovery

Total Back Up and Reliability with BMS

With Wave by BMS you are assured disaster relief by enrolling in our remote backup service or having your data automatically backed up to the cloud, nightly. For added comfort, a simple and quick backup routine is included with Wave that allows your entire database be backed up to a thumb drive in minutes and carried off site.

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BMS Supply Store

The BMS Business Supply Store is focused on providing high quality service and customer satisfaction. We do all we can to exceed your expectations! We make it easy to keep your BMS system operating with quality supplies.

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We Love the Wave Program!

“We love the way that Wave tracks our inventory. We can easily download vendor invoices and price updates. We now have full control over our inventory and that is something I never thought would be possible!”

- Rick Woody

Best Software Support Ever!

“We really love the ability to search for past invoices, at point of sale, and find the exact information we are looking for!”

"The best thing about the Wave program and BMS as a company is that if we ever need to call, there is always someone there to answer the phone."

Jeannie - Edelmans Home Center



Easy and Fast

"To me, one of the best things about the BMS system is the tech support! While I do not call tech support often when I do the response is immediate! Someone always answers the phone and resolves what little issues we have. The Wave system is PACKED with features to make my work life easier!"

Pepper - Windmill Sprinkler