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Paint Supply Software


In response to the dynamic demands of paint supply and interior design stores, our innovative solution at BMS has successfully bridged the gap between efficiency and customization. With a keen understanding of the intricate requirements within the industry, BMS has developed a robust Point of Sale (POS) system that provides flexibility in the creation of custom quotes tailored to the unique preferences of designers. This approach ensures that our clients can address the distinct needs of their customers.

Additionally, one of the key features that sets BMS apart is the capability to apply specific paint mixes and meticulously track them throughout the entire process. Designers can now exercise unparalleled control over the color formulation, allowing them to achieve the precise hues and shades envisioned for their projects. This tracking system not only enhances the overall quality of the end product but also provides an invaluable tool for quality assurance and consistency.

In essence, our comprehensive Point of Sale (POS) solution at BMS has revolutionized the way paint supply and interior design stores operate. By combining cutting-edge technology with a keen understanding of industry intricacies, we provide a tailored, user-friendly platform that optimizes every facet of the business workflow. As we continue to evolve with the ever-changing landscape of design and commerce, BMS stands as a beacon of efficiency and innovation, committed to elevating the standards of excellence within the paint and interior design sectors.