BMS System Implementation

BMS offers computer systems and software, along with smooth implementation services. The implementation process will include three phases: initial planning and training, system installation, on-site training, and Go-Live.

BMS will assign an advisor and a project manager from your store to communicate and direct the process in-house before proceeding with any of these steps.

The BMS advisor will guide you through each step, answering all your questions and obtaining the information required. We will work through the business logic for how the system will work for your business. You will need to answer questions related to how you manage your business. We will then apply that to the configuration of your Wave by BMS system.

Pre-System Phase

During this phase, the BMS trainer will assist you in covering the introductory chapters of the Getting Started manual, including system control files, tax tables, system code tables, accounts receivable, and inventory data. Your customer advisor and scheduled trainer will collaborate to meet all your needs during the initial setup process.

At this time, we will also discuss site preparation, including layout and cable runs. To make a connection between a system PC’s, workstations, and other hardware peripherals (such as printers and cash drawers), we will use data cables. The customer advisor will discuss cable installation guidelines and cabling options that would best suit your business.

The advisor will also help you through the installation of the cables in your store, whether outsourced or done in-house (keeping in mind that BMS provides 5-6′ short-run cables to hook up each individual component).

Finally, we will work out your specific internet needs, as our customer advisor will work closely with you and your internet provider.

Installation Phase

Someone inside your company with a basic understanding of computers or a local acquaintance can often install the equipment. Alternatively, BMS can schedule personnel to travel to your store and set up the equipment for you, which will be included in your purchase price excluding travel expenses. Your customer advisor and you will select a date for the installation service technician to arrive.

Upon arrival, the technician will un-box the equipment and place it where you desire for BMS training, if necessary. You and your customer advisor will determine the desired locations for the system equipment to be installed. The technician will configure all terminals, workstations, printers, and miscellaneous hardware peripherals according to your system preferences.

Next, the BMS technician will personalize them according to staff tasks. During this process, a data conversion will be available to obtain static data from your current system and convert it to the proper usable BMS format, including customer information, basic vendor information, inventory item information, and departments.

Additionally, you can order and enter any catalog loads for vendors you request. Any remaining time from the installation schedule can be used for training.

Additional Training and Go-Live

Before going live, the personnel verify the balances and converts them to Wave for customers and item counts. The system becomes ready for use at the beginning of the next business day.

After going live, the personnel receives ongoing training including Suggested Ordering, BMS training, Purchasing and Receiving, and Monthly Reporting.