Lumber Yards

Lumber Yard Software


BMS provides lumber yards with a cost-effective and comprehensive POS software that offers advanced functionalities to streamline operations and boost overall efficiency. The software supports board footage conversion, ensuring precise and automated calculations for accurate lumber measurement, minimizing errors in inventory management.

Moreover, the lumber yard software empowers your business with powerful tools for quotation and bidding processes, enabling the generation of competitive and precise pricing. The system’s order tracking feature enhances visibility into the entire order fulfilment process, facilitating seamless monitoring and management of customer requests. Special order processing capabilities cater to unique customer requirements, fostering flexibility and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Custom pricing is a key feature of BMS, allowing lumber yards to establish tailored pricing structures aligned with their business models and market dynamics. This adaptability within the POS software ensures that pricing strategies can be fine-tuned to meet specific market demands and maintain competitiveness.

BMS facilitates efficient communication through quick telephone order capabilities, providing a responsive and user-friendly interface for customers placing orders via phone. The system’s customizable statements and invoices contribute to a professional and branded communication strategy, enhancing the overall customer experience.

In addition to lumber management tools, BMS offers a distributor interface for hardware items, extending its utility to cover a broader range of products. The powerful quote/order generator included in the POS software amplifies its flexibility, allowing users to effortlessly generate accurate quotes and manage orders with ease.

BMS is a comprehensive and sophisticated Point of Sale solution, addressing the intricate requirements of lumber yards. Its multifaceted capabilities, ranging from board footage conversion to distributor interfaces, position it as a valuable asset for businesses seeking an integrated and efficient system for their operations.