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Wave by BMS

A Complete Business POS System

Wave by BMS is an integrated POS computer system designed to help you increase your hardware store’s sales and profitability. Wave by BMS is a complete retail system that gives you the tools to streamline your entire operation, while giving you the power and information that will result in increased profits.

Point of Sale (POS)

Every sale contributes to the bottom line, so it’s vitally important to handle each sale efficiently.

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Inventory Control

Increase Your Sales and Reduce Inventory Investment at the Same Time.

Take Back Control of Your Inventories

Accounts Receivable

Take Control of Your Accounts to Free Up Valuable Cash for Your Business.

Customer Account Management Made Easy

Purchasing System

Having more of your fast sellers and less “dead stock” is your best business practice and the Wave by BMS Purchasing system helps you do just that.

The Key to Your Profitability

Services We Offer

BMS provides a single source for everything you need with your computer. BMS helps you avoid the nightmare of having to contact several different companies to get the job done.

In addition to the hardware and necessary equipment and Wave by BMS software, BMS also provides, installation, training, support, equipment warranty, catalog loads, distributor interface, custom programming and even physically counting your stock and on-going supplies and forms. One company to manage the process, the same company to keep it working.

Business Management Systems is your complete answer for all your retail management needs.

We have hardware and software to cover all aspects of your business from inventory control and point of sale, to financial statements.