Accounts Receivable (AR)

BMS Accounts Receivable

Wave by BMS offers an Accounts Receivable module that can help you manage your charged customers and track invoices, payments, and credits. Additionally, the module enables you to generate customer statements, view complete accounting ledgers, and follow up on delinquent accounts. Moreover, it tracks invoices, payments, credits, and adjustments, and passes instantaneously from the Point of Sale module.

Additionally, it allows for discounting, pricing, and taxing for each account and provides detailed reports. With the A/R “Sub Account” feature, customers can keep track of multiple jobs by receiving a consolidated statement followed by each individual job statement and their invoices.

You can easily manage multiple jobs and apply payments and credits to the oldest invoices first with customer notes and signed invoice images. Wave by BMS automatically prints a signed image of each invoice with each customer’s statement, and invoices can be emailed or reprinted with a single keystroke from the customer’s History tab. All payment application history is available indefinitely.

You can “Easy Pay” by applying the payments and credits to the oldest invoices first until used up, or select which payments and credits apply to which invoices, selecting a single credit memo and leaving the new ones to appear on the customer’s statement.