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Building Management System (BMS) offers a suite of versatile tools tailored to accommodate Building Supply businesses of varying sizes, ensuring a seamless and efficient workflow. At the core of the Point of Sale (POS) software is a robust quote/order generator, highly configurable to accommodate the unique demands of each user. Wave POS software empowers suppliers with the flexibility to tailor quotes and orders according to the contractor’s specific requirements.

One notable feature within the Wave by BMS Point of Sale software is its adept handling of Special-Order items. Contractors can transmit their unique items to the purchasing department, complete with customer-approved specifications. This streamlined approach eliminates ambiguity and ensures that the procurement team receives precise and accurate information to fulfill the special requirements of each order. The integration of customer-approved specifications not only expedites the purchasing process but also enhances overall customer satisfaction by delivering precisely what the client needs.

In addition to facilitating the smooth transmission of Special-Order items, the Wave by BMS quote/order generator boasts a user-friendly interface for reviewing and updating quotes. The design ensures that users can easily navigate through the POS software, making necessary adjustments promptly and with minimal effort. By providing an efficient platform for quote management within the software, BMS empowers contractor suppliers to stay agile in responding to market dynamics, ultimately contributing to their competitive edge in the industry.

The customizable tools offered with Wave by BMS Point of Sale software exemplifies our commitment to efficiency, flexibility, and customer satisfaction. This comprehensive solution not only simplifies the procurement process but also equips contractor suppliers with the agility needed to thrive in a dynamic business landscape.