Point of Sale

Every sale contributes to the bottom line, so it’s vitally important to handle each sale efficiently
At your counter, things move quickly. That’s why BMS is designed to make the selling process easier and more efficient.
Wave by BMS is structured in a logical, easy- to-follow format. Most transactions are handled on a single screen, so sales transactions can be rung up quickly, without error

This means that your staff can be more productive while focusing their attention on better customer service. With Wave by BMS, your salespeople have quick access to item location and availability.

One simple screen provides all of the product information your salespeople need to effectively assist your customers such as:

  • Search Item by number, alpha code, description or UPC
  • Stock on hand, location and cost
  • Customer account by number, alpha code or phone number
  • Multiple units of measure for any item
  • Special sale or contract pricing
  • Special order items on the fly

Wave by BMS also provides complete credit information on your customers

For example, it lets you know which accounts are delinquent or over their credit limit, before the sale! Bottom line is, the system lets your salespeople concentrate on providing better service and selling products, rather than performing manual or repetitive tasks. Because BMS works the way your business works, your store will run smoother, your employees will work smarter, and your entire operation will be more productive and profitable.

Easy to use software and user interface

The point of sale screen looks like a “fill in the blank” order form that walks you through the sale. Scan bar code, enter an item number or a single search checks your item file by alpha code, item number, UPC, or part of the description. UPC codes can be fixed right at POS!! There are multiple payment types including EMV credit, debit and gift card, layaway, or cash or check. Easy sale pricing updates, free form or pre-formatted comment lines, cash drawer audit, credit checking, signature capture, PO numbers management, inventory inquiries, valid signature checking, “hot key” discounting and serialized inventory!

Inventory, customer transactions, quotes, orders, work orders and so much more

All other functions can be accessed from POS such as inventory, customer accounts and invoice history. From the POS screen you can look up detailed inventory items, recent or historical customer transactions and balances, quotes, orders, and work orders! You can also view every item a customer purchased within a given time period, allow you to choose multiple items from the search to add to the current invoice. The NEW “Bill of Materials” feature allows you to sell a single item, yet relieve inventory of a whole series of items. The POS features are endless.

Point of Sale Features

Quotes and Orders

Manage Quotes, Control Prices, Win Bids with Wave by BMS

Wave by BMS has a powerful quote/order generator to make and email flexible professional quotes. Simply change the quote to meet the needs of your contractor: apply trade or custom discounts, delete line items, add line items and invoice specific line items from the order.

Special Order items send the items to purchasing and include any specifications the customer approved on their Order. Quotes can be reviewed and updated when your costs change and items can even be copied from a previous quote. Wave by BMS gives you the tools to provide your customers the best possible services. Your customers will thank you for the simplicity, and you’ll soon wonder how you ever got along without it.

Kits/Bill of Materials

Use Kits to sell pre-defined sets of items with ease!

Wave by BMS provides for a list of items to be included in a single item, called a Kit. Once the kit is entered at POS all the component items are dropped into the ticket with the relative proportion to the quantity entered of the kit.

This way items that are sold together can be easily linked and retrieved. An example could be a shed or deck where a single kit item is entered but all components are listed on the ticket. Kits are an excellent way to record customer’s grain formulas and list the components for milling.

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Smart Card Processing

Smart Card Processing

With Wave by BMS you can accept major EMV (smart card) credit cards using BMS and credit card validation. Simply sign up with our preferred clearinghouse, order your all-in-one credit/debit/gift and signature devices and we can get to work making it easier for you to process smart cards. Our credit card processor (Elavon) will match or beat your old processor’s transaction price; in fact, most stores save more on their credit card processing than the entire lease payment for Wave by BMS! Your customers will thank you, now that you can compete with those larger box stores, but with the same feel of your neighborhood hardware store.

Debit Card Processing

Accepts Debit Cards

With Wave by BMS you can accept debit cards including those with the new EMV chips. With an integrated credit/debit/gift card and signature device, you will be accepting debit transactions at a slightly lower cost than credit card transactions. Wave by BMS also allows you the option of cash back on debit transactions, if you so choose. Provide the convenience your customers demand by accepting debit transactions.

Invoice History

Simple Effective Electronic Filling

Tired of filling invoices and even cash receipts for customers due to return policies and tax codes? Then Wave by BMS e-filling service is for you. Every single pos transaction whether a simple cash sale or an A/R charge will be electronically stored in your system. No need to hold on to every single paper transaction receipt for up to three years in some cases; with e-filling every transaction is stored in your system permanently and securely.

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We Love the Wave Program!

“We love the way that Wave tracks our inventory. We can easily download vendor invoices and price updates. We now have full control over our inventory and that is something I never thought would be possible!”

- Rick Woody

Best Software Support Ever!

“We really love the ability to search for past invoices, at point of sale, and find the exact information we are looking for!”

"The best thing about the Wave program and BMS as a company is that if we ever need to call, there is always someone there to answer the phone."

Jeannie - Edelmans Home Center



Easy and Fast

"To me, one of the best things about the BMS system is the tech support! While I do not call tech support often when I do the response is immediate! Someone always answers the phone and resolves what little issues we have. The Wave system is PACKED with features to make my work life easier!"

Pepper - Windmill Sprinkler