Physical Inventory

BMS Can Manage Your Physical Inventory

Business Management Systems can provide hand-held computers to manage physical inventory more efficiently. A BMS employee will assist with the counting process and be available for 8 hours per day. Any size store can be counted within that time, provided there are enough people to conduct the count.

At least 12 people are required, with one for each hand-held device and some assistants. For larger stores, additional hand-held units can be provided. For optimal efficiency, it is recommended that two people work on each hand-held unit in certain sections of the store. One person can count and call out item numbers, while the other enters the information into the device. In larger stores, it is also helpful to pre-count some bins and drop a piece of paper with the count to allow for faster entry into the hand-held device later.

Back stock or yard items can be counted by listing them on paper and entering them directly into the computer or hand-held device later. Back stock counts must be entered into the system before downloading hand-held counts. After conducting the count, the BMS employee will download the unit into the computer and print an error sheet for any missing items.

It is the responsibility of the person who conducted the count to correct any errors, such as providing the correct item number or description and price if necessary. Store personnel must review and correct these error sheets after the physical inventory is completed. If the count takes longer than 8 hours, additional days can be purchased in 8-hour increments.

For example, a BMS employee on site from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm would require 2 days of inventory service. Proper planning, scheduling, and implementation can ensure that any store can be counted within the 8-hour time limit.