Catalog Loads

BMS Catalog Loads 

With Wave by BMS, you don’t have to manually load every inventory item into your system. BMS offers catalog loads to simplify this task. When you purchase a new system, you’ll receive one free catalog load. Some vendors offer between 45,000 and 70,000 items in their catalog, so it’s unlikely that you’ll have every item in stock. However, you can still manage and order items through your system if a special request comes in.

To optimize your system’s performance, it’s important to be selective about the data you load. For example, it’s better to order a purchase history load from a vendor instead of a complete, all-items load. This prevents your system from slowing down due to an excessive number of items, which saves time and improves efficiency.

If BMS handles your catalog loads, you can trust that your inventory has been carefully processed and reviewed for errors. We’ll provide a quote for each vendor you need a load from. BMS also offers a Vendor Communication feature that allows you to set up your own template for downloading your vendor’s data, including invoice information.

We can work together to create a few templates until you’re comfortable with the process, or we can set them up for you. Once a template is established, you can download data directly from your vendor’s emailed spreadsheet. With BMS, your go-live transactions will be seamless.