Sales Analysis

BMS Sales Analysis

Wave by BMS is a powerful tool that stores customer point-of-sale transactions in a database. Its Sales Analysis feature allows users to review this information in endless ways and gain insights into business operations.

Wave covers sales data analysis by customer or department, with the ability to select a date range and choose sorting and totaling options. This allows for a deep dive into sales data and analysis for businesses. In addition to its powerful analysis of sale features, Wave also offers a variety of other tools to help businesses stay organized and efficient.

For example, it includes an inventory management system that can track stock levels and alert you when it’s time to reorder. This helps businesses avoid running out of important products and ensures that they always have what they need to meet customer demand. Furthermore, Wave’s reporting tool provides profitability accounting at the salesperson level for commission reporting.

This can be incredibly helpful for businesses with a sales team, as it allows them to track individual performance and ensure that everyone is being compensated fairly. Overall, Wave is a comprehensive tool that can provide valuable insights into your business operations.

Whether you’re looking to analyze sales data, manage inventory, or track individual performance, Wave has the tools you need to make data-driven decisions and stay ahead of the competition.