Point of Sale

Wave by BMS features a logical and easy-to-follow format. Moreover, it facilitates quick and error-free ringing up of sales transactions on a single screen, making it an ideal point of sale for you. This ensures increased productivity for your staff, allowing them to concentrate on providing better customer service. Salespeople using Wave by BMS also benefit from swift access to item location and availability.

It’s important to note that one simple screen provides all of the product information your salespeople need to effectively assist your customers such as:

  • Search Item by number, alpha code, description or UPC
  • Stock on hand, location and cost
  • Customer account by number, alpha code or phone number
  • Multiple units of measure for any item
  • Special sale or contract pricing
  • Special order items on the fly

Wave by BMS also provides complete credit information on your customers

Wave informs you of delinquent or over-limit accounts prior to sale. Salespeople can focus on improving service and sales rather than repetitive tasks. BMS operates based on your business, leading to smoother operations, intelligent employee work, and increased profitability.

Easy to use software and user interface

The point of sale screen guides you through sales with barcode scanning or item number search. Payment options include EMV, layaway, cash and check. The system features easy pricing updates, inventory inquiries, and signature capture.


Inventory, customer transactions, quotes, orders, work orders and so much more

The point of sale interface offers access to inventory, customer accounts, and invoice history. Additionally, you can view detailed information on transactions, customer balances, quotes, orders, and work orders. The “Bill of Materials” feature allows you to sell a single item while relieving inventory of multiple items. There are many other features available.

Point of Sale Features

Man looking at a point of sale on a computer

Quotes and Orders- Wave by BMS empowers our clients to create quotes, email them to clients, and easily manage and control prices to win bids. This powerful tool allows users to customize quotes with trade or custom discounts, add or delete line items, and invoice specific items from the order. If clients approve special order items, they can send specifications to purchasing. Additionally, users can efficiently review and update quotes to reflect changes in costs. Save time by copying items from a previous quote. Wave by BMS simplifies the process for customers, providing top-notch services with ease of use that you’ll appreciate – you’ll wonder how you managed without it.

Kits/Bill of Materials- Once entered, all components are automatically added to the ticket. This feature is especially useful for commonly sold items such as sheds or decks. Additionally, kits can be used to track customer grain formulas and list milling components. Also, in the case of BOM items, its component parts are clearly listed. When the items are received, all components are seamlessly added to the receiving grid. BOM items are particularly helpful for grain formulas in feed mills.

Man explaining point of sale and accounts receivable
credit card for point of sale

Smart Card Processing- Introducing Wave by BMS – the solution that easily accepts major EMV credit cards. Our platform validates credit cards and works seamlessly with BMS. You can streamline your smart card processing with our preferred clearinghouse and all-in-one credit/debit/gift and signature device. Our processor, Elavon, guarantees to match or beat your previous processor’s transaction price. You can compete with larger stores and offer your customers the convenience they deserve.

Debit Card Processing- With Wave by BMS you can accept debit cards including those with the new EMV chips. With an integrated credit/debit/gift card and signature device, you will be accepting debit transactions at a slightly lower cost than credit card transactions. Wave by BMS also allows you the option of cash back on debit transactions, if you so choose. Provide the convenience your customers demand by accepting debit transactions.

debit card for point of sale
girl looking at invoice history for point of sale

Invoice History- With BMS, you can access your invoices anytime, anywhere. Your system electronically stores every POS transaction, eliminating paper receipts for up to three years. Easily retrieve invoices by accessing the customer maintenance screen. You can choose to email the invoice or display the PDF with a signature. E-filing makes managing and recalling past invoices effortless and flexible. At the end of the month, the system can automatically include invoice images with the customer’s statements.