Computer systems are subject to issues due to insufficient training, data or equipment failure or God forbid, “software glitches”. BMS provides telephone support to resolve each of these issues.
We create a team to keep your BMS computer system running smoothly.
BMS customers pay the lowest monthly support fees in the industry. These fees include: unlimited telephone support and consulting, hardware failure diagnosis and assistance, on-going software enhancements and improvements.
Telephone calls to our telephone support department are the highest priority and are answered in a round robin cycle. The next available technician gets the call and records the information. 90 percent of time the problem is resolved with this initial contact.
All support representatives have access to all other company personnel in case the need is for training, data debugging, testing or business consulting.
Our goal is for complete customer satisfaction with their BMS system. We are here to keep your BMS system running smoothly.

Phone Support

Existing Customers
(678) 442-1015

Email Support

Existing Customers

We Love the Wave Program!

“We love the way that Wave tracks our inventory. We can easily download vendor invoices and price updates. We now have full control over our inventory and that is something I never thought would be possible!”

- Rick Woody

Best Software Support Ever!

“We really love the ability to search for past invoices, at point of sale, and find the exact information we are looking for!”

"The best thing about the Wave program and BMS as a company is that if we ever need to call, there is always someone there to answer the phone."

Jeannie - Edelmans Home Center



Easy and Fast

"To me, one of the best things about the BMS system is the tech support! While I do not call tech support often when I do the response is immediate! Someone always answers the phone and resolves what little issues we have. The Wave system is PACKED with features to make my work life easier!"

Pepper - Windmill Sprinkler