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BMS Purchasing System

Purchasing - The Key To Profiability

Having more of your fast sellers and less “dead stock” is your best business practice and the Wave by BMS Purchasing system helps you do just that.
Suggested ordering provides two different purchasing philosophies, keeping what you need in stock with an accurate item count and using the system generated order point and order quantity or using the “sold since” method that effectively gives you a replenishment order that you can fine tune to your needs. If you are a store owner that has the discipline to manage your item counts, the suggested ordering by order point (called min/max) can create a purchase order that will maximize your inventory investment with more of what you need when you need it- Just in time inventory!
For those that have not gotten to the point of tracking every single item count, Wave by BMS can still automate your ordering process by creating a suggested, replenishment order. Items that have been sold since your last order to this vendor can automatically be added to a purchase order. Let’s face it, if you haven’t sold it you don’t even need to think about it. This order can then be printed by the location in the store so you can walk the store and check for empty peg hooks or bins that are not on the report- this helps identify shrinkage or misplaced items.
Finally, special order items can be easily entered onto an order for the customer with all the specifications necessary and once approved by the customer, sent the vendor for a price quote and then updated on a purchase order to the vendor- complete with the detailed specs transferred from the customer’s order. No more costly purchasing mistakes!
Purchase orders can easily be received whether generated by you or downloaded from your vendor.
The Wave by BMS Vendor Communication feature allows all vendors that can provide electronic item and order information to be downloaded and update your data without time consuming manual entry! Templates defining your vendors data layout can be set up to accomplish this.