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Wave by BMS - Versatile Automation for Many Industries

BMS systems are “full service” where one price includes all equipment, installation, training, conversion of information and hand holding along the way. We provide the expertise in the computer system so you are free to work on your business. Wave by BMS was designed to give you exceptional reporting so you are not subject to “information poisoning”, getting more information from your system that you can realistically process. It gives you reports that focus detail on what you need to see, yet the full scope is available if you want it. BMS systems can be “paperless” providing digital images of documents rather than shuffling copies of invoices, statements, reports, etc. Wave by BMS includes a complete inventory management module so you have more of what you need and less dead stock. Wave by BMS virtually pays for itself by plugging the leaks where you lose profit that you didn’t even know about.

With all these incredible features and much more we have the ability to provide complete computer systems to a wide ranging variety of retail stores. Your Wave by BMS system comes with the necessary intricacies to manage and maximize profits for the difficult inventory demands your store may have, which is why BMS has specialized in providing the best computer management solutions to these specific industries since 1984.