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Efficient Lumber Management with BMS

Lumber Yards

Wave by BMS provides lumber yards with a very complete and powerful system at the most cost effective price point in the industry. BMS provides Board footage conversion, complete quotation and bidding, order tracking, special order processing as well as custom pricing by customer type, specific customer or job. Telephone orders allow for quick and easy item look up to keep your customers on the phone the shortest time as possible. Customer statements can be Balance Forward, Open Item or by Sub Accounts- giving you every option selectable by customer. Invoices and statements can be emailed directly to the customer as they are created or when you select them. All this while providing the distributor interface for all the hardware items to alleviate the tedious manpower issues for this minor part of your volume.
We strive to meet the needs of any Lumberyard whether you have one employee or fifty. With fully customizable configurations you are sure to find what you need with BMS.
BMS offers a powerful quote/order generator to make flexible professional quotes. Simply change the quote to meet the needs of your contractor, apply trade discounts or provide custom pricing, delete line items, add line items and invoice specific line items from the order. Older quotes can be reviewed and re-priced if the margin has degraded with higher costs. All Quotes and Orders can be emailed with a key stroke, saving time and money. Special order items can be entered once on your customer's order and once approved, passed to purchasing with all the customer's specifications.