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Take Charge of Your Inventory

Increase Your Sales and Reduce Inventory Investment at the Same Time

Wave by BMS includes a comprehensive inventory management system, with your distributor's entire catalog. You can quickly and easily add products as needed, and build your inventory files to directly reflect all products on hand and on order.
The "real time" inventory system tracks every item. It will show you which items are big movers and which ones are slow; it will tell you what the value of your inventory is at any time; and it will quickly print price and bin labels.
With BMS, you will know which items are the most profitable and which items you should stock during seasonal trends. You'll be able to tell which items are "bread and butter" items and which items are favored by your best customers.
Because the BMS system provides you with current stocking and usage information, you can effectively manage your inventory while increasing inventory turns.
And when it comes to management reporting, BMS gives you many options. Reports include:
Date range selected sales ranked by profit
Costed inventory by item, location, vendor or department
Volume by dollars and stock on hand
Transactions by item by day
Sales reporting by item, vendor, location or department
Ranking reports by volume or profit
BMS lets you take control of your inventory. It will help you reduce your inventory investment while expanding your lines and increasing product turns. And it will help bring a stronger profit to your business.
All transactions affecting inventory quantities are recorded on an audit trail report for analysis or problem tracking. The inventory system includes ranking reports to quickly identify high profit items and high carrying cost items helping you eliminate dead stock. Items can be accessed by item number, UPC, a part of the description, manufacturers item number, or alphabetically. Product categories can be assigned to each item for additional analysis. The system tracks the sales history or purchase history for each item for two years.

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