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Gift Card Processing

Give The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Statistics show that only 47% of gift cards are ever redeemed. What items do you sell that give you 47% margin? Gift Card processing is available through Wave by BMS using Givex gift cards. The module is simple and easy to use with everything you will need available right on your POS screen.
From POS choose to activate a gift card by choosing gift card in the sale type. The system will then prompt for you to swipe the Givex gift card in order to activate it. You take the payment from the customer at the end of the transaction and they walk out the store with their gift card.
When a customer comes in to the store to purchase something with their gift card it is processed the same way a credit card would by interfacing to Givex in order to assure the funds for the card are available. Of course, you will have the ability to accept multiple payment types in the event the gift card would not cover the entire balance.
Simple, Convenient, Affordable BMS and Gift Card processing.