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Feed and Seed

Feed and Seed Management

Feed and Seed/fertilizer-Job orders can be easily entered and tracked. Feed formulas can be established by kitting and utilizing our single level BOM. Bulk feed formulas can be store custom for individual customers or for your store blends and easily manipulated by quantity. For example, the formula for your horse feed can be selected as a kit and all components can be calculated based on the volume for the kit. 1.5 kits will automatically provide 1.5 of each component- no tricky calculations to make- Wave by BMS does it for you. You can even program in waste.
For goods you bag, establish the materials used and for each bag produced it will reduce each component accordingly. There are an unlimited number of kits you can establish and also an unlimited number of formulas for “BOM” or bill of materials.
Customer’s detailed purchases can be tracked and reported for any selected time interval, including every item the customer has purchased for the year.
Customer orders can be tracked and managed so they don’t get forgotten or lost in the shuffle.