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Wave by BMS

Your One-Stop System for E-Commerce

 E-Commerce Wave and data sharing

Brick and Mortar businesses are under stress from internet-only companies because their customers find it easier to order using their smart phones, tablets or personal computer than driving to a store, rummaging through shelves and standing in line to purchase materials.  Why not let your customers place their own orders this way for your store?  With Wave by BMS you can!

By maintaining item information for your Point of Sale, including item images, and selecting items for sending to E-commerce, your customers can place orders on their smart phone to pick up, get delivered, or even shipped.  A truth in retailing is:  by easily giving your customers what they need, when they need it, price is secondary.  So, making it just as easy to order from you as Amazon but get that product today instead of in several days, you can win the war with the internet giants!

Wave shares your item information with a low priced, e-commerce site- Shopify.  Internet sales is no longer an enterprise investment, now stores of any size can compete with the behemoths.

Here’s a screenshot of our E-Commerce program

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ecommerce pic