Suggested Ordering

Watch Your Cash Flow Improve Using Suggested Ordering

Because Wave by BMS was designed with the needs of hardware stores and lumber yards in mind, it includes a comprehensive Suggested Ordering module. This sub-system will provide you with the facts you need to make purchasing decisions- accurately and efficiently.

Rather than basing your purchase decisions on empty peg hooks or boxes, BMS helps you place orders based on what you’ve sold. Order points and quantities are calculated monthly based on criteria that you set. The system lets you create orders for any vendor, at any time. Plus, BMS gives you the capability to transmit your orders electronically to your primary supplier and receive price and cost updates. Just imagine the time savings.

The Suggested Ordering system is completely integrated with your inventory files. This means that your stock on hand is automatically updated when an order is received. BMS also re-calculates the average item cost with every purchase receipt and the min/max order points based on the sales of each item. With BMS, you only order what you need, while your stock will include everything your customers need.

The ordering system allows you to create orders for up to ten vendors at a time. Suggested orders are based on order points and quantities set by you or managed by the system, calculated based on your sales. Wave by BMS can suggest an order even if you do not maintain your item counts- by adding every item to a suggested order if you have sold it during the date range you select. So even if you don’t track counts, you can use the system to help order product!

Average item cost and last cost are recalculated with every purchase receipt. The ordering and receipt system is fully integrated with the inventory module to ensure accurate, timely inventory information. Approved orders can then be transferred over the internet to your primary supplier’s computer. Received quantities are automatically updated unless overridden. Orders can be electronically received from your distributor as well.

With Vendor Communication you can electronically receive any purchase order from any vendor that can email you a spreadsheet of their items. You can set up a “template” for that vendor outlining how their data is organized and simply import the data! Now every vendor’s items can be loaded and easily received.

Purchase orders can be easily created for items you have placed on order from your customer. Your customer orders a special item, it can pass through to purchasing and include all the specs the customer approved- no more expensive errors due to rekeying.