Invoice History

Simple Effective Electronic Filling

Tired of filling invoices and even cash receipts for customers due to return policies and tax codes? Then Wave by BMS e-filling service is for you. Every single pos transaction whether a simple cash sale or an A/R charge will be electronically stored in your system. No need to hold on to every single paper transaction receipt for up to three years in some cases; with e-filling every transaction is stored in your system permanently and securely.

Have total access to your invoices anytime, anywhere. Invoices can be recalled simply by accessing the customer maintenance screen under the History tab. Check the box to email or double click an invoice to display the PDF with signature. The windows File option will then provide for a few selections: Save elsewhere, print on printer, email or fax. With BMS the flexibility to manage your invoices and quickly recall past invoices is made effortless with e-filling. The invoice images can automatically be included with the customer’s statements at month end with one, two or four invoices per page- selectable by customer.